Existence Is Shit

by SlimeLord

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Steverino sick!!!!! fuck the world and humanity!!! I cannot stop listening to this. Favorite track: Labortuary (III).
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released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


SlimeLord Downingtown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Anxiety (I)
Anxiety is haunting me, it makes it hard to interact
Cant eat, cant drink, cant think, cant sleep

Eaten alive from the inside out, brain feels like its punching through my skull
A ball-gag of disgust engorged in my mouth, breathing and vision grow dull
This place it reeks of parasites and disease, pressure builds fast in my weary head
The monster weighs heavy when down on your knees, desire burning bright for the sleep of the dead

Anxiety is killing me, runs its claws deep down my back
No way to function properly, and I think I'm going to fucking snap
The atrocity set in front of me, just makes me want to end it all
Chain me up with lock and key, in a room with four padded walls

Guts boil hot, bubble, slosh, and churn, doubled over in a crippled heap of shit
Picking at my skin, this uncomfortable flesh, if this vessel was burning I wouldn't put it out with piss
Life is what you make of it, so do what you can with a pile of shit
Dealing with this worthless, wretched world really isn't worth the spit

Anxiety, its fucking me, my mind has holes from constant rape
A slave to my own flesh and blood, forever beaten into my place
Doomed to be a morbid breed, a moldy, hollow shell of a man
Before I lose all control, please tie me down, bound at the hands
My Anxiety, it spoke to me, and it told me to go get an axe
It said 'fuck the world, and humanity, everyone deserves a good forty whacks'
My Anxiety is becoming me, and now I don't know who I am
The monster has taken full control, and not a living soul stands a chance
Track Name: You're Scum (II)
Every time you open your fucking mouth, it wakes the demons in my brain
Pulling out my hairs one by one, youre fucking driving me infuckingsane
'Cuz you're scum
Yeah you're scum
Existence is such a rotten joke, everybody is one in the same
Whiny, weak, self righteous cunts, with only yourselves to blame
'Cuz you're fucked
Yeah you're fucked

Fuck the world with a rusty knife, everyone can get a slice
Hacking and chewing endlessly, live to suffer and agonize
Ive been pushed just an inch too god damn far, don't you realize what you've done?
You released the psycho inside of me, and now its time to have some fun

This effort is useless in this world of shit, everyone will finish last
Allow me to help you ease the pain, put you out of your misery lightning fast
'Cuz you're scum
Yeah you're scum
The endless frailty makes me sick, full degradation has begun
See through your veil clear as day, just pull the trigger I'm fucking done
'Cuz I'm scum
Yeah I'm scum
We're all scum
We're all fucking scum
Track Name: Labortuary (III)
take in a breath of the cold crisp night
bask in the aura of the ghastly sights
To all the creepies and crawlies I'm eternally bound
With my infatuation for terror and fright
The wolven moon, it beckons me
Allows the beast within to rampage free
An urge to fulfill my morbid dreams
Bring the living to their knees
Amongst your world I cease to be, a drifting rancid atrocity
A hollow being lurking in your shadows, awaiting the moment youll belong to me
A needle to the neck, a sack over the head
Youll spend the evening strapped to my bed
Standing over you as my chainsaw roars
The Last thing youll see before youre hacked to death

In your blood and fluids Ill be adorned, your bones shall be my throne
Your limbs and flesh violently torn to make my vacant core feel at home
Your cries and screams ecco through my lair, but others hear you not
Your resistance is futile, in my labortuary you'll rot

In your binds you quiver at a grueling rate
Look into my eyes and see your fate
A god damn psycho on a bloody rampage
And tonight you are my choice play mate
Start off small with a toe or an ear
Because your screams of fright really turns my gears
It gets me morbidly fucking hard to see your eyes burn hot with fear
An array of tools for an array of kills, some meant to be quick and some meant for thrills
Knives, hammers, wrenches, plyers, electric saws, and power drills
You start to tremble at the sound of my voice
But your screams are muffled by all the noise
You'll be my art, lets get to work
Tonight the chainsaw's my tool of choice